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Aug 7th, 2015
3:38 PM

Epic Expression 2015 - Sept 5 - 21+ Only

All Tickets & Info at

$25 Online Tickets

A Unique Kink Party Experience
8pm to 230am | Full Coat & Bag Check Available! | Max 350 Tickets |
Fetish/Kink Dresscode Required!

As we move to a new luxurious, spacious & decadent location itís time
to encourage a whole new level of debauchery. Stratus Event Center
allows us more freedom to express our fetish interests with a larger
space, better stage & broader area for vendors. This will be unlike any
event you have attended in Phoenix.

Epic Expression is pushing for glitter, LED, body paint and ways you
can show off physically. Stratus Event Center has the perfect lighting to
accentuate any party atmosphere. So show off what you got!

There will be an abundance of sexy throughout the venue with always
something to watch or participate in.
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