Feb 5th, 2011
12:41 PM

Do you Like Wine?

I am a n Independent Wine Consultant for The Traveling Vineyard. Through my new company, I offer In-Home Wine tasting, Event Services, I market Wines, Wine Accessories and so much more. I do get to work on my free time. Being a stay at Mother I have put some time to the side for my Wine time. On weekends and some Evenings I will go to a Wine tasting and have a wonderful time talking about a lot of us favorite things, WINE. We have wines from all over the world marketed to our consultants, hosts and their guests. From Italy Australia to California, they will be available at incredible prices~ anywhere from $5 to $20 a bottle. We will also have a wine club available to join in order to receive great monthly deals. Hosts always receive incentives free shipping! Having a free in home wine tasting is a fabulous idea for anyone (age 21+ ) We also have a Wine Club! We know a great wine tasting experience goes far beyond the bottle. Itís about how it makes you feel. The occasion you celebrate. The memories it leaves you with. Thatís why the Traveling Vineyard has always offered an array of wine choices and experiences Ė wine tastes, wine clubs, wine gifts, and individual wine selections from just about every wine producing region on the planet. Certain wines go better with certain foods. Which for a wine tasting I have eat many certain kinds of foods that I would have never made at home.
Weíre pleased to offer you one of the most fun and educational wine clubs around. Each month, you can expect the Traveling Vineyard to deliver:
* Two bottles of quality wine from around the world (delivered right to your door!)
* Education and fun tasting tidbits
* Tasting notes, serving suggestions and food pairing recipes for the wines in your shipment
* Contact information linking you to your personal wine consultant

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